Once upon a magic dream, a make-up artist made a magic cream. Enter a whole new world of beauty magic and prepare to be mesmerised in the most magical campaign that launches today, celebrating Disney100 and 10 years of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty – and see Charlotte’s own Disney dreams come true, as she is transformed into her own Disney animation – spreading magic and glow to everyone, everywhere. Darlings, you don’t have to sleep to dream.

From dreamy specially created products, showstopping content, amazing technology and experiences to an all-new animated short produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, the collaboration brings together global talent to create a bespoke experience that honours innovation in these two iconic brands. To mark this milestone, limited edition collectable products, 10 new makeup looks inspired by beloved Disney characters and a new dedicated pop-up store were revealed

 Charlotte Tilbury, MBE, Founder, Chairman, President & Chief Creative Officer:

“Darlings, I am so excited to finally reveal my biggest secret – a truly magical collaboration with Disney! I grew up watching the fairy tales and immersing myself in the wonderlands created by Disney, I even called myself Gingerella. I have long been inspired by the magic and the sparkle of the beloved characters and stories.

Working with the team at Walt Disney Animation Studios and being transformed into my own Disney animation was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience! I get to fulfil my dream of flying above the rooftops of London spreading magic and a dreamy glow to everyone with my special rose-gold pixie dust that Disney made for me so I can sprinkle my beauty magic on everyone, everywhere. Dreams really do come true!!! 

Being able to adorn my best-selling icons – my award-winning Magic Cream and magical sell-out sensation Beauty Light Wands – with the sparkle and image of Tinker Bell is beyond exciting for me! Disney has always inspired me, and it’s in my own Magic Innovation Lab where these global, unique and one-of-kind beauty icons and secret formulas are dreamt up. It’s my mission to spread the magic of confidence and inspire people to believe in themselves, to follow their dreams, to break boundaries and to think limitlessly!

I love number synergies and this magical collaboration – that celebrates both 100 years of Disney and 10 years of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty – feels like it was written in the stars. I always say you must dare to dream it, dare to believe it and dare to do it! With this incredible partnership my mission is to spread the magic of confidence and allow everyone, everywhere to shine! Darlings, it’s all about faith, trust and pixie dust!”

This campaign will come to life in an all-new mixed-reality short produced in collaboration with both the Walt Disney Animation Studios and Charlotte Tilbury herself. Charlotte visited the Walt Disney Animation Studios in Los Angeles to meet with legendary lead animator, Eric Goldberg the genius behind the Genie from Aladdin and the director of Pocahontas as well as special products producer, Dorothy McKim, an Academy Award nominee, she is Disney through and through, having worked there for 40 years and been involved in box office hits from Lion King to Fantasia 2000. To help create the vision behind her character and develop this bespoke short for beauty lovers, Disney fans and beyond. The animation was elevated to a whole new level with Disney creating their first ever rose-gold pixie dust for Charlotte, the Queen of Glow herself, as an ode to her world-famous innovation Beauty Light Wands.

“Bringing Charlotte into the world of animation and having her fly alongside Tinker Bell has been magical,” said Special Projects and 2D Animation Producer at Walt Disney Animation Studios, Dorothy McKim.  “Charlotte’s enthusiasm and her love of Disney animation, especially Peter Pan, has been infectious for all of us working on the project.”

This new short sets the scene for the new, magical, limited-edition collectables to commemorate the collaboration. Everyone, everywhere will discover the magic from the Queen of Glow and category creator Charlotte Tilbury with her award-winning beauty innovations reimagined with a limited-edition design adorned with Tinker Bell. Including Charlotte’s iconic, globally-loved, sell-out sensation Beauty Light Wands, available in shades Spotlight, Pink and Gold – that glide on, for skin that glows and cheekbones that shine bright, so everyone can mesmerise at midnight! I have bottled from my Magic Innovation Labs the most genius ingredients into my inimitable Beauty Light Wands – with my perfecting, one-of-a-kind, glow gel technology creating the most luxurious, blurring high-gloss, forgiving, filtered, fabulous glow! It’s like painting on hollywood lights for the best glow of your life! Others may try but nothing compares to the original, my one and only Beauty Light Wand, that gives you that unique Charlotte Tilbury glow! Mirror, mirror on the wall, who glows the brightest of them all? You will, with Charlotte’s Beauty Light Wands.

And they will be transported to where magic skin dreams come true, with the icon that started it all, Charlotte’s award-winning, best-selling Magic Cream – loved by experts and stars, Magic Cream is magic skin! Her iconic creation is infused with Charlotte’s Magic 8 Matrix of ingredients to hydrate, smooth and plump, leaving skin looking three times more hydrated in just one hour, to make all your skin wishes come true. To complete the collection, hold all your beauty dreams and secrets safe inside Charlotte’s new collector’s edition Beauty Wishes Makeup Bag – created in the brand’s iconic night crimson hue and embellished with a magical Tinker Bell design.

Charlotte Tilbury, MBE, said: “I am known as the Queen of Glow because I leave a trail of glow wherever I go – transforming everyone who sits in my magic makeup chair with the power of glowing skincare and makeup! It was written in the stars that it had to be my award-winning, best-selling Magic Cream and sell-out sensation Beauty Light Wands for this magical collaboration!! They’re both adorned with everyone’s favourite fairy, Tinker Bell giving you that magical glowing look and feeling, inside and out!!

Once upon a magic dream, a makeup artist made a secret cream. Today my limited edition collectable Magic Cream moisturiser for immediate skin revival is loved by experts, stars far and wide. It unlocks the magic of confidence from within and transforms the look of skin! Darlings, with Magic Cream your skin and your makeup will always look better – it’s like your skin is lit from within – and out!! It’s Magic Cream for a magic fairy glow.

We have also created the most gorgeous night crimson velvet makeup bag! Darlings, this makeup bag is perfect for holding all your beauty dreams and secrets! It’s so chic and beautiful – I love the way the diamantes play with the light like pixie dust! As I always say, I’m bottling dreams, selling dreams and making beauty dreams come true!”


Darlings, as you know I love to empower everyone, everywhere to make their beauty dreams come true and unlock the magic of confidence. Today, Charlotte reimagines her original iconic 10 looks. Be the first to discover Charlotte’s new 10 iconic makeup looks inspired by the spirit of 10 beloved Disney characters and created with her talented niece, Global Artistry Director Sofia Tilbury, to make everyone, everywhere feel and look their most beautiful, confident self! Charlotte and Disney handpicked ten inspiring and magical global influencers:

Shining, shimmering beauty secrets for the whole world to see!

Conquer your world with eyes that sparkle, cheeks that glow + lipstick for true love’s kiss..

  • The Powerful Dreamer inspired by Elsa: @purple

Let it glow! Become the queen of dream glass skin…

  • The Courageous Dreamer inspired by Mulan: @coco

Makeup your destiny! Discover your fearless + flawless beauty look!

Make over your beauty look with gloss-glazed lips + cheeks that glow till past midnight…

Beauty secrets to make your beauty dreams come true…

See the world through bigger, brighter looking eyes!

  • The Fearless Dreamer inspired by Moana: @AvaJules

Take a voyage of makeup discovery + reveal your inner glow!

  • The Spirited Dreamer inspired by Mirabel: @honeyord

Your beauty is individual: Optimistic, fresh, dreamy + free-spirited. unlock your magic within!

Make charming look effortless with beauty secrets for magic skin


To commemorate this collaboration, Disney and Charlotte Tilbury have created four exclusive new Charlotte Tilbury Official trading Pin Badges – highly covetable for Disney and beauty fans alike. The four limited-edition official trading pins – will be available through gift with purchase on and on the Charlotte Tilbury app, by entering code DISNEYPIN at checkout.

There will be a limited run of only 10,000 exclusive Charlotte Tilbury x Disney pins in circulation with a new design from the series dropped weekly. These one-of-a-kind pins are made in rose gold metal and feature four bespoke Tinker Bell designs in the complete series. Two of these designs feature a sparkling inset diamante making them even more desirable!

PIN 4 – Tinker Bell Faith Pin

RELEASE WEEK 1, 31st July – 6th August


PIN 3 – Tinker Bell Wonder Pin

RELEASE WEEK 2, 7th – 13th August


PIN 2 – Tinker Bell Magic Pin

RELEASE WEEK 3, 14th – 20th August


PIN 1 – Tinker Bell Lucky Pin

RELEASE WEEK 4, 21st – 27th August 2023


As with every pin made, Disney’s pin designers ensure to develop a theme and story for each of the collections they design, making every pin special and unique in its own way – and this sparkling Charlotte Tilbury series is no different. Pin trading for Disney fans is a fanatical pastime and these unique and magical Tinker Bell pins will undoubtedly be a sparkling, soaring success for collectors around the world.


Finally, this special collaboration will come to life in a dazzling takeover of the iconic Selfridges Cornershop in London – the very location that Charlotte Tilbury Beauty first began 10 years ago! Against a backdrop of stars, clouds and gold dust, everyone, everywhere is invited to experience the magic of Disney100 x Charlotte Tilbury. Step inside Charlotte’s beauty wonderland, full of surprises, joy, happiness, games and fun where you can be whoever you wish to be from July 31st to make your beauty dreams come true!


With this collaboration, set in a world of wonder, where dreams do come true, everyone, everywhere can discover Charlotte Tilbury’s beauty secrets, destined for you! Makeup your dreams! Makeup your magic! Makeup your destiny! Get ready to be taken to a whole new world of glow!! Darlings, you don’t have to sleep to dream. With this magical collaboration you make your beauty dreams come true!!!

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