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Doha, Qatar, June 2024 – ALMOTAHAJIBA, the leading Qatari luxury fashion brand specialising in abayas and modest wear, in partnership with renowned Italian textile house Ing. Loro Piana, proudly unveils their groundbreaking Resort 2024 Collection. This exclusive collection marks ALMOTAHAJIBA’s first collaborative foray with womenswear.

The ALMOTAHAJIBA Resort 2024 Collection represents the culmination of countless hours of meticulous craftsmanship and shared creative vision between both entities. Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of the Middle East and the serenity of summer, the collection is a wearable work of art, seamlessly merging traditional silhouettes with contemporary aesthetics.

“We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey with Ing. Loro Piana, synonymous with exceptional quality and timeless elegance,” said Mr Abdul Aziz Al Siddiqi, COO of Al Siddiqi Holding. “This collaboration not only marks a significant milestone for ALMOTAHAJIBA, but also reflects our dedication to providing our discerning clientele with unparalleled luxury and innovative designs.”

The ALMOTAHAJIBA Resort 2024 Collection was exclusively unveiled at an invitation-only event on Saturday, June 1, 2024 in a transformed gallery setting that was reminiscent of the picturesque Italian countryside. The event adopted an ethical approach by using leftover fabric to create the envelopes for the invitations alongside table napkins, synonymous with the sustainability ethos Ing. Loro Piana advocates strongly for. During the event guests were invited to touch, feel, and immerse themselves in the wearable works of art on display.

The collection is a manifestation of the textile house’s connection to nature, with the fabrics flowing to showcase an exquisite range of meticulously crafted abayas, jalabiyas, and sheilas, each piece thoughtfully designed to elevate the wearer’s experience. Ing. Loro Piana’s world-renowned fabrics, celebrated for their exceptional quality, softness, and durability, are masterfully woven into ALMOTAHAJIBA’s signature designs. From breathable linens and Cash Pima, a fine cotton-cashmere blend, to sumptuous silks and innovative, sustainable materials, the collection offers a tactile journey that is both indulgent and environmentally conscious.

The minimalist aesthetic of the designs, characterised by clean lines, sharp tailoring, and subtle details, exudes timeless sophistication. Offering a diverse range of classic silhouettes to contemporary interpretations, the collection caters to various preferences and occasions. The colour palette mirrors the natural beauty of the Middle Eastern landscape, incorporating earthy tones, soft pastels, and vibrant accents, signifying the element of pride captured throughout the design process

During the launch, Mr Al Siddiqi provided a welcome speech and was joined by Paolo Toschi, Italian Ambassador to Qatar, who shared his joy at such a partnership unfolding. Speaking from the fabric house of Loro Piana, Mr Vittorio Osella, Loro Piana’s Marketing Development Manager and Vice President North America, continued the positivity by sharing his excitement about the unique quality of Ing. Loro Piana, being married with the classic designs of ALMOTAHAJIBA Resort 2024 Collection.

The collection is available at select ALMOTAHAJIBA boutiques across Qatar including: Villaggio Mall, Place Vendôme Mall, Landmark Mall and August 2024 will see the release become available at Doha Festival City too.

Visitors to ALMOTAHAJIBA boutiques can witness the curated pieces, set upon artistic backdrops, as an immersive sensorial experience.

This groundbreaking unison sets the stage for a continued progressive relationship between the two, with exciting future collections already in discussion.

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