Doha, 17-03-2024 – PRIAH, the embodiment of timeless elegance and ethical craftsmanship, emerges from the rustic landscapes of Boyacá, Colombia.

Born in 2019 out of a profound reverence for heritage and a commitment to empowering local artisans, PRIAH seamlessly marries tradition with innovation in the realm of conscious fashion. Nestled in the picturesque mountains of Boyacá, where luxury flourishes amidst simplicity, PRIAH’s journey commenced with a vision to honor the intricate art of crochet, a craft passed down through generations of skilled female artisans. Recognizing the peril this ancient technique faced in the wake of industrialization, PRIAH vowed to safeguard tradition while embracing progressive values.

“Our story began with a simple idea: to acknowledge the handwork of female artisans who preserve the art of crochet,” explains Juanita Garcia, PRIAH’s visionary founder. “We believe in the power of traditions, but also in the necessity of innovation that respects our roots.”

In 2021 the brand was shortlisted as finalist of the Fashion Trust Arabia guest country, Colombia. After years of research, the brand has presented in Doha their first Limited Capsule Collection inspired in Qatar and the Arab world using eco-friendly sustainable textiles and natural dyes. PRIAH’s capes symbolize the universality of Andean and Arab cultures, blending mountains with dunes to honor traditions.

PRIAH’s ethos centers on social entrepreneurship and conscious fashion, championing garments that narrate tales of heritage preservation through contemporary design. Each piece is meticulously crafted, paying homage to Colombia’s rich textile heritage while championing sustainability and ethical production practices. At the heart of PRIAH lies a commitment to artisanal empowerment. By providing fair wages, fostering a healthy work-life balance, and offering opportunities for skill development, PRIAH empowers its team of 20 talented women artisans in Tibasosa, Boyacá. In a region where employment opportunities in fashion are scarce, PRIAH’s atelier serves as a beacon of hope and opportunity.

“Our love for conscious fashion and social entrepreneurship led us to create carefully sourced garments designed to pay homage to our heritage, empower our artisans, and care for the environment,” says Garcia.

PRIAH’s craftsmanship is unparalleled, with each piece infused with the artisan’s unique touch—a personal signature woven into every stitch. Utilizing a needle #12, the second smallest needle in crochet crafting, PRIAH artisans create lightweight, intricate designs that exemplify the beauty of traditional techniques. Beyond crochet, PRIAH integrates complementary crafts such as hand-embroidery, hand-sewing, hand-knitting, hand-loomed, and natural dyeing to elevate its designs, ensuring each piece is a testament to both tradition and innovation.

As Juanita Garcia reflects on PRIAH’s journey, she emphasizes the transformative power of purpose-driven entrepreneurship: “PRIAH was born as a therapy to help ourselves to overcome our pain and, in the meantime, to help other women artisans going through their own struggles. We needed a reason to keep going, and this project gave us light and purpose.”

With PRIAH, tradition meets innovation, craftsmanship meets empowerment, and fashion meets purpose. As PRIAH continues to flourish, it remains steadfast in its commitment to preserving heritage, empowering artisans, and shaping a more sustainable future for fashion.

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