Juan Valdez makes its journey from Colombia to Qatar


Much to the delight of coffee lovers in Qatar, Ali Bin Ali (ABA) Hospitality has launched the best premium Colombian coffee house – Juan Valdez in Qatar.  In April 2022, the world-renowned coffee brand opened the doors of its first coffee shop in Qatar at 21 High st, Katara Cultural Village.  Get ready to say Hola! to the finest Colombian coffee experience.

The brand, Juan Valdez, belongs to an exclusive association of Colombian coffee growers. With more than 540,000 coffee growing families forming its network, Juan Valdez carries out its purpose of captivating the world with premium Colombian coffee while adding value for the coffee growers.

The Federation also created an icon, a character based on many of its members – they called him Juan Valdez, always with his mule called Conchita, and carrying a sack of coffee beans. The character has now become a stamp of authentic Colombian coffee around the world.

As a special distinction, the brand selects its coffee beans based on their size and unique qualities. Juan Valdez coffee is primed from its cultivation, harvesting, processing, roasting and right through to its packaging process, to guarantee the highest quality of the bean and its cup profile before it reaches the coffee table.

Juan Valdez coffee, and its extension into coffee shops, is a sensorial and cultural experience straight from the Andes mountains. Besides the wide range of coffee beans and deliciously rich cups, the café at 21 High st also offers a wide variety Colombian and South American snacks additional to Jaun Valdez signature deserts.

Camila Escobar the CEO Juan Valdez Café, who was is Doha for the opening of the café, said: “We are looking forward to expand our presence in the MENA region and our launch in Qatar is a very important part of it, we feel privileged to be here. The main advantage of Juan Valdez is our purpose in itself. We represent the Colombian coffee-growing community and sustainability is at the center of our business strategy, not only in social terms but also in terms of the environment. This is key for consumers in premium locations like 21 High st. We are a ‘glocal’ brand, we are global with a local tailoring for the market, thus bringing the best of our culture to the culture of the region we are reaching. Juan Valdez coffee is like magic, it helps you connect.”

Speaking to the media, Group General Manager of ABA Hospitality Mr. Bassel Salim Ammar said: “Ali Bin Ali Hospitality is proud to welcome Juan Valdez to Qatar with its first store in 21 High st. We look forward to expanding the brand’s presence with cafes in all prime locations in the country. The taste of 100% Colombian Arabica coffee beans, sourced straight from the Colombian coffee grower, sets Juan Valdez apart from all other coffee shops in the country. 21 High st is an ideal set-up for the premium Colombian brand as it is famously known as a place where retail meets and celebrates art and culture and the Juan Valdez brand, representing the glory of Colombian culture, will harmoniously blend into its new space.”

Juan Valdez has 335 stores in Colombia, 144 international stores and a presence in 38 international markets. Juan Valdez Colombian Premium Coffee is proud to be one of the most recognized and admired brands worldwide and is extremely pleased to have added Qatar as its latest location.

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