Brambles’ 2023 Sustainability Review: Pathway to Regeneration


Supply chain group and operator of CHEP brand on track to meet 2025 Sustainability Targets

Brambles today released its 2023 Sustainability Review, reporting on material Environmental, Social and Governance issues and achievements across its global operations for the year ended 30 June 2023.

The 2023 Sustainability Review highlights the material progress Brambles has made towards its ambitious regenerative vision. The broad range of achievements already delivered demonstrates both Brambles’ global leadership position in sustainability and the power of collaboration in a circular economy to building sustainable and resilient supply chains of the future.

Showcasing regeneration in action, highlights of the report include:

  • Enabling the sustainable growth of an additional 85 million trees by implementing sustainable practices in timber plantations, as part of our forest-positive targets
  • Enhancing the circularity of our network by saving ~10 million pallets through targeted recovery and remanufacturing initiatives, preserving the value of our manufactured capital while conserving natural capital through reduced demand for raw materials
  • Advancing our waste-positive ambition by launching a new platform made from 100% post-consumer plastic and a total of 13 next generation platforms containing recycled content
  • Delivering lasting social and community value by connecting livelihoods with reforestation projects – in Tabasco, one new forestry role was created for every 10 hectares of reforestation and one skilled forest engineer for every 500 hectares
  • Increasing gender diversity across all levels of our business, with women now representing 5% of board roles, 36.3% of leadership roles and 8.3% of service centre roles
  • Achieving a 2% reduction of greenhouse gas emission across the entire value chain (Scopes 1, 2 and 3) against FY22 and 7.7% from FY20 baseline, while maintaining carbon neutrality across operations
    (Scopes 1 and 2) and strengthening the mix of our 100% renewable electricity use[1]

[1] 100% renewable energy mix in FY23 comprised renewable contracts 39%, on-site generation 3% and Energy Attribute Certificates 58%

Graham Chipchase, Brambles’ Chief Executive Officer, said: “The major strides we’ve taken towards our sustainability goals speak to the unbroken focus and shared commitment across all parts of our business. For Brambles, our global leadership in sustainability is both a great source of pride and a strategic advantage as the world transitions to a low-carbon economy, ensuring we can continue to deliver value for all stakeholders.” 

Juan Jose Freijo, Brambles’ Chief Sustainability Officer, said: “Beyond our own impact, we also recognise Brambles’ central role in supply chains uniquely positions us to influence change and help bring others into the circular system.

“Our achievements in 2023 underscore the importance of collaboration in this mission, and it is deeply rewarding to see our call to build regenerative supply chains taken up by so many CHEP customers and suppliers in the network and partners across the industry,” said Dr Freijo.

Recognised leader in sustainability

Increasing recognition of Brambles’ efforts in sustainability saw the company boost its position across major
ESG assessments in FY23:

  • Ranking 1st in its industry category in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index
  • Being named third most sustainable company in the world in Corporate Knights’ Global 100 list
  • Maintaining A rating in fourth consecutive Circulytics assessment
  • Achieving A list status from CDP for action on Forests and Climate
  • Holding its maximum MSCI AAA rating (since 2016)
  • Inclusion on the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index for the first time
  • Attaining Global Top Employer recognition and Top Employer status in four regions and 25 countries

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In 2023, Brambles will release its first Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report, as part of our commitment to ongoing transparency in reporting.

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