EX NIHILO Opens its First Flagship Store in Qatar



Our passion to expand our olfactory adventure finally reached into the heart of modern oriental, city of Doha. We are so excited to share the most spectacular silages of EX NIHILO formulated by master perfumers with you. We hope you will enjoy this spectacular experience as much as we do. We’re looking forward to personally welcoming you very soon!


Born in Paris, France, EX NIHILO has kept growing and expanding to the most prestigious and exclusive selling points around the world in more than 40 countries since it was first founded in 2013. For the very first time in its history, EX NIHILO has successfully occurred three flagship openings in a row during 2021/2022. Over the period, the chosen places for our boutiques were Dubai (UAE), Los Angeles (USA), Taipei (Taiwan) and finally in Doha (Qatar). Already having a presence in the most prestigious department stores in Qatar and over the Middle East, EX NIHILO is opening its own physical store at the heart of Place Vendôme Mall.


Doha is here art, culture and architecture blend into ultimate luxury. EX NIHILO’s ambition is to revisit this unique atmosphere, adding its Parisian and Avant-gardist roots to the heart of the capital. Already present in the most exclusive doors (Galeries Lafayette, Blue Salon…) EX NIHILO founders are happy and proud to propose their personalized olfactory experience to the local community and beyond.


Each EX NIHILO store is a unique destination place by essence, with a focus on comfort, experience and exclusivity. The store conveys the “French Touch” with a scenography like a gallery and has the ambition to be a cultural hub for all the fragrance lovers.

The design reflects the EX NIHILO codes by respecting the characteristics of our home in Paris, at the 352 rue Saint-Honoré originally designed by French star designer Christophe Pillet and today by our in-house elite team. The creative challenge for DOHA was to integrate the codes of 352 Saint-Honoré into a futuristic Middle Eastern atmosphere: keeping the luxury of details and using local architectural details to sublimate its identity. The usage of noble materials such as white marble, wood, and brass brings texture and adorn the space. Our iconic Moucharabieh pattern, tribute to our logo, is oversized to make it even more contemporary. A new frozen engraved glass contrast with our 293 Blue (which is also the signature color of EX NIHILO), and cohabits perfectly with the most refined details. It is all about providing the greatest sensorial discovery, playing with unexpected associations of materials. The notion of comfort was a huge factor to offer a quintessential experience to the clients. The space is spacious enough to attribute an elegant sofa made for consultation purposes and relax. It’s positioned to also

fully appreciate the boutique space and design.


When you first enter this spectacular space, there is the “Experience zone”, where you’ll find the “Vases de Senteurs”, an electronic system of dry diffusion, which prevents from olfactory saturation and allow you to discover the scents in full serenity. This space is also dedicated to inspiration as it will showcase upcoming local and Parisian artist works chosen to make the bridge between the fragrance’s world and the artistic community. Then you’ll find yourself in the “Core zone” of the boutique. On the left side stands the exhaustive ready to wear collections from the INITIALE to the BABYLONE, when on the right side, around an exceptional marble perfume bar guest will be invited for a private consultation around the key element of the store: the Osmologue, the High-Tech robot we have specifically developed.


VENDOMANIA is a double ode to the Place Vendôme: the iconic Place in Paris, surrounding the EX NIHILO flagship store and the new emblematic luxury destination in Qatar. Like an ornament that fascinates and obsesses, it was created by pushing the boundaries of luxury to its extreme. The result is a languishing creation, celebrating the most precious materials with a radically Parisian and contemporary twist. Jordi Fernández assembled Praline and Saffron, to enhance the richness of a sumptuous Iris. They all melt into intoxicating Sandalwood and Patchouli. Its trail is as mesmerizing as the most precious diamond.

Olfactory notes:

• Top: Saffron, Bergamot

• Heart: Jasmine, Iris, Praline

• Base: Patchouli, Agarwood, Sandalwood

Olfactory Family

Woody Spicy


Jordi Fernández


The design takes inspiration from Doha’s landscape details with a graphic reinterpretation of the Place Vendôme location. Made exclusively for the Place Vendôme in Doha this collection gets mainly dressed with a vibrant teal green referring to the color of the sea surrounding Qatar.

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