Introducing La Marsa: Elevating Overwater Dining in Doha


The iconic overwater dining destination, formerly known as Restaurant Marsa Katara, proudly announces its grand rebranding as La Marsa. Situated in the heart of Doha and renowned as a Signature Restaurant of The Chedi Katara, La Marsa is set to redefine the culinary landscape where exclusivity, tranquillity, and elevated gastronomy harmoniously blend.

A one-of-a-kind restaurant welcomes cuisine connoisseurs with its warm hospitality, astounding intricate details, and innovative gastronomic creations. With an unwavering commitment to exceptional service and a menu that embraces both timeless classics and innovative creations, La Marsa assures to whisk you away to the Mediterranean shores with every visit. 

From dawn to dusk, step into a world where vibrant flavours of the region and freshly sourced ingredients are brought to life à la minute, along with an open kitchen concept ensuring a visually immersive dining experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Featuring alluring terraces that showcase unparalleled views overlooking the Arabian Gulf, La Marsa invites you to indulge in a symphony of taste, where each dish is crafted with precision and passion. Creating an unforgettable journey of culinary craftsmanship, enticing the explorer within by catering to all cravings. 

“The rebranding of La Marsa marks a new chapter in our journey of providing unparalleled experiences,” says Hani Akkari, General Manager of The Chedi Katara. “We are committed to delivering the finest in culinary craftsmanship, and our guests can anticipate a voyage that not only satisfies their palates but also indulges their sense of exploration.”

Anchoring its commitment to culinary excellence, La Marsa unveils a new brunch every Friday, inviting all age groups to gather and celebrate life’s pleasures. With a host of other activations on the horizon, the restaurant promises a continuous evolution of experiences to cater to the diverse cravings of its esteemed guests.

Join us as we embark on a new era of refined indulgence and gastronomic innovation. La Marsa is set to revolutionize the narrative of overwater dining in Doha, offering an invitation to revel in exceptional flavors, captivating vistas, and an ambiance that reflects the very essence of luxury.

For reservations and inquiries, please contact +974 44080202

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