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Buccellati introduces the new Macri Color collection, a natural evolution of a design of unparalleled beauty and synonymous with Italian quality and excellence.
Characterized by stones with a mysterious charm and bright colors, this collection represents the perfect combination of technique and aesthetics.

The sinuosity of the shapes – given by the softness of the “rigato” and “ornato” engravings – and the vividness of the stones combine with elegance, making the Buccellati style perfectly recognizable. In addition, the contrast given using gold in different colors further accentuates the scenic and highly chromatic effect of these creations.

TRADITIONThe collection consists of button or pendant earrings, rings and cuff bracelets, and is inspired by the rings and earrings of the Cocktail line, whose elegant proportions and colored stones enhance all the techniques and craftsmanship typical of the Maison.The creations of the Macri Color collection will be presented at a major event, which will be held in New York on November 15th 2022.

For over 40 years, the Macri collection has been synonymous with excellence, quality, and unparalleled beauty. Conceived by the creative genius of Gianmaria Buccellati, second generation of the Buccellati family, this collection is an example of noble simplicity. Inspired by the femininity of his daughter MariaCristina, Gianmaria took the first syllables of her two names and baptized the new design in “Macri”.

His intention was to create a jewel, which was the apotheosis of Buccellati’s goldsmith tradition, with a particular emphasis on engraving techniques. Therefore, he created jewels with a unique charm, managing to replicate the magical iridescent effect of silk on the gold surface. This unique silkiness is obtained with the typical “rigato” engraving: many small and thin parallel lines made with a burin create a texture with a surprising shine. Furthermore, the micro-sculptures supporting the bezels are further embellished by a very delicate engraving with “ornato” motifs.

Over the years, the Macri line has been enriched with various evolutions.
The original line, “Macri Classica”, is extremely minimalist: just the expression of a pure, simple, and elegant beauty that was immediately recognized and admired all over the world.
The line is subsequently enriched with “Macri”, a collection with more sinuous shapes and a richer style, embellished with rounded elements, leaf-shaped rosettes, and shiny beads.

The “Macri AB” line was designed by Andrea Buccellati, Gianmaria’s son, and is characterized by small flowers formed of four bezels in white gold and diamonds that alternate with small beads in white gold.
Andrea also designed the “Macri Giglio” line: small lilies obtained through a refined openwork technique, thus creating a full and empty effect that gives the objects a particular lightness and elegance.

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