Montblanc Signs & Symbols: The Myths and Legends of East Asia Meet Through the Artistry of Montblanc Writing Craftsmanship


Montblanc pays tribute to the Year of the Dragon with new limited edition writing instruments part of “The Legend of Zodiacs” and “A Journey among Dragons” collections

The Montblanc Signs & Symbols collector line brings to life the stories that once originated in the world of myths and legends and continue to influence East Asian culture today. Showcasing the skill and artistry of Montblanc craftsmanship, the line released annually since 2015 is made up of two collections: “The Legend of Zodiacs”, a writing instrument inspired by the Chinese zodiac sign of the year to come, and “A Journey among Dragons”, a collection that pays homage to the great powers of mythical creatures. Each annual edition differs in design, materials and meaning, honouring the ancient legends the writing instrument is inspired by.

New Year, New Zodiac: Signs & Symbols The Legend of Zodiacs The Dragon Limited Edition 512

While zodiac signs appear in both Western and Eastern cultures, their origins and methods of interpretation differ greatly. The East Asian cycle covers not twelve months but twelve years, and consists exclusively of animal symbols. Not only does each zodiac sign offer an indication of the opportunities for the year ahead, the defining characteristics and personality traits of that sign are said to be transferred to people born that year.

The new Signs & Symbols The Legend of Zodiacs edition is dedicated to the dragon, the fifth animal of the zodiac regarded as the ancestor of the Chinese, a creature that determines their general fortune.   The dragon has been portrayed through the ages as the “water bringer” and the ruler of clouds, ponds, lakes, rivers and seas.  A symbol of imperial power and authority, Chinese emperors saw themselves as the direct descendants of the dragon line.  The dragon is unique among the animals of the Chinese zodiac because it is the only mythical creature. Those born under the dragon are said to be courageous, ambitious, intelligent, enthusiastic and self-assured, carrying the defining traits of one of the most vital, powerful and mighty animals in East Asian mythology.

The cap of the Signs & Symbols The Legend of Zodiacs The Dragon Limited Edition 512, made of Ag 925 sterling silver, is decorated with a hand-engraved dragon twisting its body majestically and presenting its claws to manifest its power.  There is symbolism in every detail of the engraving: the form of its body as it climbs into the skies representing its ambitious attributes, the pearl at its side for success and luck, and the auspicious clouds floating around it for happiness and good fortune.  The abstract pattern on the barrel is decorated with a fine ornamental engraving, inspired by the Chinese symbol for wealth called “Yuan Bao”. The cone is set with an amethyst – the birthstone of the dragon sign.

The upcoming year of the dragon, 2024, as well as the six previous years of the dragon, are engraved on the cap ring. The cap is crowned with the Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl, while the handcrafted rose gold-coated solid Au 750 gold nib is engraved with the dragon. As a symbol of additional good fortune for the year ahead, the special limitation number of  The Legend of Zodiacs The Dragon Limited Edition 512 writing instrument is a celebration of the lucky number 8, with 512 being the total of 8x8x8.

A Journey among Dragons: The Hovering Dragon Limited Edition

Of all the mythical creatures found within the East Asian circle of cultures, the dragon is one of the oldest and most important, a positive creature with high spiritual power which bestows luck, wealth, wisdom and peace on mankind. The Hovering Dragon, also named Feilong, is an ancient Chinese mythological creature that glides through the clouds. While many Chinese dragons only take to the skies every now and then, the Hovering Dragon, as the powerful god of wind and clouds, spends its time exclusively in the air.  According to mythology, clouds are created by the breath of the dragon. Rather than darkening the sky, they bring beneficial rain. For this reason, dragons and clouds are inextricably linked in a strong sign of luck and prosperity.

The Signs & Symbols A Journey among Dragons The Hovering Dragon Limited Edition 88 features a full-length dragon with its intense gaze enhanced with blue sapphires for eyes. While its head adorns the hand-engraved Ag 925 sterling silver cap as a raised relief sculpture, its body encircles the writing instrument as an engraving beneath white and light blue lacquer, partly adorned with brilliant cut diamonds. The white and light blue color gradient embodies to the cloudly celestial spheres where the Hovering Dragon reigns. The design is further enriched with fittings made of solid Au 750 signature gold and a blue iolite set in the cone. The nib, made of solid Au 750 gold, has a delicate embossing of auspicious waves for the 9th son of the dragon, the fish-like Chi Wen, the ruler of water, acting as protector against floods and fire hazards. The motif is reminiscent of the ones used in imperial roof decorations and classical Chinese architecture. The cap is crowned with the Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl, inlaid in black onyx and covered with sapphire glass.

Showcasing the full artistry and technical skill of Montblanc’s Artisan Atelier, the Signs & Symbols A Journey among Dragons The Hovering Dragon Limited Edition 8 features a hand-engraved dragon on the solid Au 750 white gold cap and barrel that is masterfully embellished with black, grey and blue sapphires evoking the colors of clouds and rain, set against a background pattern similarly symbolizing these auspicious clouds. The dragon’s eyes sparkle with blue sapphires, while the fittings in solid Au 750 gold and a blue iolite in its cone enhance the design of this rare edition. The nib is adorned with a blue sapphire and features an embossing of the auspicious waves, paying homage to the Chi Wen, the 9th son of the dragon and the ruler of water. The forepart is decorated with an engraving of the dragon’s head while the cap is crowned with a diamond in the shape of the Montblanc emblem, surrounded by brilliant-cut diamonds.

Completing the collection is an assortment of stationery and accessories similarly inspired by the dragon. A leather Notebook carries the drawing of a red dragon, while the Ink captures its powerful spirit in a red color. The recognizable shape of the dragon is also interpreted in  Cufflinks, crafted of Ag 925 sterling silver.

Precious charms to gift to loved ones or to collect, the Montblanc Signs & Symbols editions celebrate year after year the traditions and richness of East Asian culture with elegance and newfound creativity.

 Montblanc Signs & Symbols The Legend of Zodiacs The Dragon Limited Edition 512 and Montblanc Signs & Symbols A Journey among Dragons The Hovering Dragon Limited Edition 88 and Limited Edition 8 are available in Montblanc boutiques from September 2023. For further information, please visit www.montblanc.com

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