Perfectly embodying transformation, the Graff Butterfly collection comprises precious talismans – each piece reminding the wearer of their strength, freedom and opportunity to fly.

A heritage motif for Graff, the delicate form of a butterfly has featured prominently throughout the history of the House, inspiring a universe of jewels and timepieces. Captured by Graff in beautiful diamonds and gemstones, the collection offers styles that range from delicate jewels to be stacked, layered and worn every day to extraordinary high jewellery creations – illustrating nature’s compelling beauty and transformative allure at its most majestic.

For over half a century, Graff has been dedicated to discovering and transforming nature’s rarest diamonds into exceptional jewels. The Butterfly collection exemplifies this mastery of metamorphosis and devotion to perfection. Each jewel is meticulously crafted by master artisans, using the same exacting precision and flawless attention to detail as the magnificent and celebrated stones that have made diamond history.

“The DNA of Graff is very distinctive, and while a stone-led design philosophy guides us, we are also inspired by the world around us. The outline of a butterfly, which has become synonymous with Graff, has, over the decades, offered us endless opportunities for reinterpretation,” comments Anne-Eva Geffroy, Design Director at Graff.

She continues: “The inner fire and life a diamond holds within, make it the ideal medium to portray the natural beauty of the butterfly, and to give it permanence to endure through all of time.”

The Graff Butterfly campaign launches on the 22nd August 2023. For more information about the new campaign.

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Butterfly Silhouette

Designed to be worn every day – the Butterfly Silhouette collection captures the delicate form of a butterfly with wings outstretched. Mesmerising arrangements of round and marquise diamonds and clusters of pavé stones are crafted so that the jewels appear to dance when worn.

Pavé Butterfly

With single or triple butterfly compositions, the Pavé Butterfly collection encompasses rings, pendants, earrings and necklaces with bold, vibrant clusters of pavé diamonds and coloured gemstones which converge upon a single marquise diamond.

Classic Butterfly

A strikingly simple combination of pear shape and marquise diamonds recreate a butterfly’s outline, with further multi-shape stones set to form a radiant ribbon of light that extends around the jewel – crafted by master artisans and shining with the finest Graff diamonds.


Butterfly Watches

A kaleidoscope of timepieces, from dancing butterflies that encircle the dial to elegant secret watches. Each piece is the result of a collaboration between Graff Luxury Watches in Switzerland and Graff’s London atelier.



For over half a century, Graff has operated at the very pinnacle of the high jewellery industry, discovering and crafting diamonds of brilliance and rarity, transforming the hidden wonders of the earth into spectacular pieces of jewellery that move the heart and stir the soul.


Founded by Laurence Graff OBE in 1960, the company remains a family business with Francois Graff as CEO. Graff is a vertically integrated company that stewards every stage of the jewellery making process – from the sourcing of each rough stone, through to the cutting, polishing and setting of each piece. With over 60 stores worldwide, Graff has ambitiously grown from its foundation in the UK to achieve a global presence.


Throughout its rich history, Graff has become the world leader for diamonds of rarity, magnitude and distinction. Perhaps most notably, the House has dominated the list of historical and important rough diamonds discovered, cut and polished this century. Some of those exceptional diamonds include the 302.37 carat Graff Lesedi La Rona, the largest highest colour, highest clarity diamond ever certified by the GIA and the world’s largest square emerald cut diamond, The Graff Venus, The Lesotho Promise, The Delaire Sunrise, The Wittelsbach-Graff, The Graff Perfection, The Graff Pink and The Golden Empress.


Our Unique High Jewels are designed and manufactured in our London atelier, where our master craftsmen employ stone-led design techniques to emphasise the beauty of each individual stone. This highly-personalised approach extends to our bridal jewellery, with Graff engagement ring collections featuring unique settings that celebrate each and every diamond.

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