Park Hyatt Maldives


A secluded and remote island showcasing the best of tropical wonders and the glory of Mother Nature, Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa is a purely untouched destination. The barefoot luxury resort, located away from the teeming atolls of the north, is a true paradise. I was able to relish in complete serenity while also partaking in a series of bespoke experiences unique to Maldives and the resort’s desirable location. It has the unique position of being one of the closest resorts to the Equator at only 0°30’25.33N. A once in a lifetime Equator Experience to journey across the hemispheres

Park Hyatt Maldives

My Equator Experience started with an adventurous boat cruise to 0°00’00.00N. My team and I enjoyed a refreshing coconut drink fresh from the shell and dined on tasty canapés: tuna sashimi, smoked salmon, sushi and avocado and egg wraps. We were mesmerized by breathtaking beauty, turquoise waters, warm sunshine and the sheer tropical landscape

Upon reaching the coordinates 0°00’00.00N, the boat captain highlighted the GPS reading on the radar showing that we reached the Equator. There was nothing left to do but jump into the inviting water of the Indian Ocean and swim across the hemispheres. Indeed, one for the books! Truly spellbinding, the Equator Experience. A rare opportunity to cross the Equator at a leisurely pace while admiring the beauty of Maldives. 

For those looking for a romantic adventure, this unique experience ticks all of the boxes! This glorious experience was elevated by our visit to an uninhabited island for a picnic. Little did I know, the crew had a whole cheese platter and a bottle of my favorite champagne hidden in the basket. “It can’t get any better than this”, I thought to myself. But then it did! Shortly after devouring half of the platter, I got to see the wild and friendly spinner dolphins playing in the water! It was like a dream within a dream. To top it off, I caught some fresh fish that was later on prepared on the grill for dinner back at the resort. Without a doubt, one of the best, well-curated adventures I’ve ever been. 

To explore more about Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa experiences, visit the new independent website at and learn about other memorable, adventurous activities such as Traditional Maldivian Fishing, Cast Away Survival Experience, and Hadahaa Sea Kayaking.

Park Hyatt Maldives

Park Hyatt Maldives commitment to sustainability shines bright in the resort’s array of curated guest experiences, which are some of the very best things to do in the Maldives for exploring the remote natural environment. All excursions are conducted without any plastic bottles or disposals and bento boxes are used to transport the food and glass bottles for the water. Local fishing excursions practice traditional Maldivian hand line, hook, sinker and bait fishing techniques and those fish that do not meet the minimum length or are a protected species are released. Guests are only permitted to keep one catch per villa and the rest will be released. 

To be actively involved in conserving the natural environment of Hadahaa private island, coral reef monitoring following the Australian program ‘Coral Watch’ is conducted on a monthly basis at the resort’s pristine house reef, encircling the island’s powder-white sand shores. The program evaluates the reef’s condition and recovery, especially after bleaching events, in addition to monitoring the water temperature, which is obtained from four permanent loggers provided by IUCN located around the island at different depths. The removal of threatening species from the coral reef, such as the Crown of Thorns sea star and the Drupella sea snail, is conducted on a weekly basis. 

Park Hyatt Maldives seamlessly integrates local culture and environment. All 50 villas are minimalist in style, designed and built with privacy and comfort in mind. From contemporary settings to casual ambiences, worldwide and regionally inspired dishes are offered for dining options. Their spa embraces local holistic wellness with treatments based on Hoonu – Cooling, Fini – Heating and Hiki – Hydrating. Most of all, the service I personally experienced was impeccable. They anticipated what I wanted and needed, before I even asked for it. Above service, there was natural warmth from the staff that felt like family to me. Park Hyatt Maldives is a gem; it felt like coming home.

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